This would be an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s developmental stages with a Speech and Language Therapist, a Speech and Language Associate Practitioner and a Early Childhood Educator.

Milestone checklists are used to identify if you child is following their development in all areas according to their chronological age. Further intervention will be crafted around your child’s individual needs.

You will receive a personalised programme with advice and strategies to develop your child’s skills at home using play and routine.

There will be a workshop for 90 minutes either in person or over Zoom to discuss developmental stages of communication, global develop and the foundations of academics.


  1. To be aware of the developmental norms of speech and language acquisition.
  2. Be able to offer appropriate advice/strategies and suggest activities to parents, to facilitate their child’s communication skills.
  3. To develop communication skills holistically looking at the following areas:
    • Attention & Listening Skill
    • Social Skills
    • Play
    • Comprehension (Understanding of language)
    • Expression use of language and vocabulary
  4. The benefit of books and making the most of story time to develop language.
  5. The magic of songs and rhyme
  6. Review of the Early Years Foundation stages and developing academic concepts.


Parents are so busy juggling their own work commitments, daily life and routines.  We want to bring a fun way of developing growth using your daily routines and play so the intervention weaves into your routine is achievable and can make a difference.